General conditions rental contract



The apartments and chalets are the property of private individuals who have entrusted their rental management to COURCHEVEL AGENCE, SAS NESTOR AND CO, which acts as an authorised agent. The reservation becomes definitive when the deposit of 25% of the amount of the rental is cashed and when this contract is signed.


The security deposit is paid to cover damage which may be occasioned to the rented property and to furnishings and other items in the rented property. It will be sent back or destroyed 15 days after the lessee’s departure after deduction of any items that have been replaced, any costs incurred in putting the property back in order, additional cleaning and the amount of utilities consumed. If the amount of the security deposit is insufficient, the tenant undertakes to pay the additional sum.


Tenants must arrive during the opening hours of the agency. In the case of any arrival or departure outside these hours, the lessee undertakes to inform the agency in order to arrange the handover of the keys; otherwise the lessee will be unable to take possession of the rented premises until the following day without being entitled to any compensation.
An inventory and description of the premises, which have been inspected in advance by the lessor, will be handed over on arrival. The lessee undertakes to check them, notify the lessor of any anomalies and to return them within 72 hours at the latest. No claim will be considered beyond this time limit. These documents will serve as an inventory between the 2 parties.
Furniture and furnishings must not be damaged beyond the normal wear and tear caused by the normal usage for which they were intended. Those which, at the end of this rental period, are missing or out of order due to anything other than normal usage will have to be paid for or replaced by the lessee with the owner’s or his/her agent’s agreement. This clause also applies to wallpapers, wall coverings and to the building in general.
The amount retained will be whichever of the following apply: the value of the broken or damaged items, the price of washing or cleaning rugs, blankets, mattresses, bolsters, pillow protectors or bedding which have been stained.
The lessee is required to use the furniture and furnishings for the purpose for which they were intended and in the places where they are found. It is formally forbidden to remove them from the rented premises.
The lessee must refrain completely from putting into the washbasins, baths, bidet, sink, washtub, WC, anything liable to obstruct the drains, in which event he/she will be liable for the costs involved in returning these items to working order.

Subject to cancellation of the lease, the lessee may not in any circumstances sub-let or sell his rights without the express consent of the lessor.
The rented premises must not under any pretext be occupied by a greater number of persons than that shown in this contract.
The lessee may not bring any animal into the rented premises, even briefly, without the agreement of the agency.
Where the rented premises are in an apartment building, the lessees as occupants of the premises must comply with the regulations of the building, of which they acknowledge having been advised. It is expressly forbidden to hang washing out of the windows or on the balconies.
Should the lessee renew the rental, with or without a break, the lessee undertakes to sign a new contract and to pay the rental on the date of renewal.
The lessee must, within 24 hours of taking possession, inform the agency of any anomaly observed.
The tenant is required to carry out the cleaning before vacating the premises and return the accommodation in a perfect state of cleanliness. Should this not be the case, cleaning costs will be at his/her expense and will be deducted from the security deposit.


The lessor is required to hand over the rented premises to the lessee in accordance with the description and to fulfil the obligations outlined in this contract.


The lessee is required to take out insurance with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, in respect of his/her rental risks and for the furnishings rented and for claims from neighbours and to provide proof when requested by the owner or his/her agent. Accordingly the latter do not accept any responsibility for any recourse that their insurance company may exercise against the lessee in the event of a claim.


The lessee having paid the deposit on the rental undertakes to take possession of the premises at the handover established by the rental contract and to pay the balance of the rental one month before the arrival date whatever may arise; illness, accident or unforeseen event. Should these conditions not be fulfilled, the agent will have the right to re-let immediately the premises covered by this contract. However, the lessee will still be required to pay the balance of the rental. If it is possible to re-let the premises, only the loss sustained by the landlord and the agent’s commission remain at the defaulting lessee’s expense.
Conversely, should the landlord not make the premises available, compensation equivalent to the amount of the deposit will be due to the lessee.
The amount of the rental stipulated in this contract includes:
- The rental itself of the accommodation equipped in accordance with the description in your possession,
- heating costs, consumption of hot and cold water, electricity (except during the season when electricity is at the tenant’s expense).
In addition to the amount of the rental, the tenant will be responsible for:
- telephone costs (the cost of calls will be deducted from the security deposit following a meter reading), any firewood, cancellation insurance (if appropriate), bank charges in respect of cashing cheques drawn abroad. Local tourist tax is payable in addition to the prices shown.


In the event cancellation for whatever reason, the deposit will be paid to the landlord by way of compensation. Cancellation fees amount to 200€ inclusive of all taxes.  


Information gathered by the agent in respect of this contract is subject to data processing necessary for the agent to carry out the functions entrusted to him/he. In accordance with the law on computer held data and freedom of information of 6 January 1978 modified, the parties have the right to access, correct and delete information concerning them. To exercise these rights, the parties may contact the agency and the above contact details.